It’s on Ben Trube! Whoever you are…

I think we can agree the first piece of sanity that goes when you start a blog is the stat checking, page views, comments, likes and your place on Google (and Bing for those of who like Chandler). But on the first day I started this blog I discovered a shocking fact:

I am not the only Ben Trube.

For most people, discovering someone else with their name is a common occurrence, but Trube is not a common name (or even a common spelling of the way we pronounce it, Trubee with a double “e” sound on the end).

Obvious puns you can make with my last name:

– Trube or not Trube

– To good Trube true

– Trube do be do

And so on.

Still, given the 7 billion people that live on this planet, it’s not that surprising that someone else has my name.

And was higher on Google.

But the most damning thing of all; he’s from Michigan, who as a Buckeye are my sworn enemies. And according to Google, he’s a writer too. Okay, that’s actually pretty cool. But did he have to take my name? I’m the one who shall be rich and famous from writing, not you … you little upstart!

I guess I could go with my pen name B.R.R. Trube (Robert’s my middle name and I bet I can add another R in there somehow). But you’ve been warned Ben Trube, Urban Meyer’s gonna crush those Wolverine’s next year. And our mascot is tastier than yours (if you eat the peanut butter and chocolate treat and not the actual nut because those will kill you).

I do have some questions though:

– How does he pronounce his last name?

– Is he planning to continue writing?


Note: If the other Ben Trube ever reads this I hope it is taken as a light-hearted spoof as it was intended. But we’re still gonna kick Michigan’s butt.


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3 responses to “It’s on Ben Trube! Whoever you are…

  1. Chuck Conover

    Trube doobie do!

  2. The Little Red Haired Girl

    You sound a little stalker-ish sweetheart. Though we will kick Michigan’s butt! Go Bucks!

  3. Hello, interestingly enough I was Googling myself today and many of the thoughts which you’ve come up with in this particular blog post came to mind for me as well. I’ve run into you on the internet in the past, but this is the first time I’ve run into this post – and frankly, I was delighted to find it. To answer your questions (7 Months late…), I pronounce Trube as “Troob,” or tube with an “r” added in. I do write often, as I work on my high school’s newspaper as the “Web-Editor” (link: http://www.theeastvision,com)(<—I made this website) and I very well may write in the future. As well, you spoke of puns on the name, and I raise you one based off of my pronunciation, which is also the title of my column in the aforementioned newspaper: "To tell you the Trube."

    Some more interestingly freaky parallels going on here: You say that your middle name is Robert? That's my dad's first name. I notice that the description next to your name says "Writer, Programmer, Singer." I guess I do write, upon my leaving for college in a year, I intend to study computer science and/or software engineering, and I happen to play guitar and participate in a band. Weird.

    Some concessions I must make: Yes, your mascot is – in fact – tastier. Yes, you were there first on the majority of these things, so I guess I've been unknowingly copying you for all these years. And in terms of football, well, I guess we'll just to have to wait until November and see.

    Until then,
    -Ben Trube

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