Bonus Friday Post (“Midnight Bells”)

Crossed 1000 all time page views this week so thought I’d share something for your enjoyment.

A number of years back my wife took me to a hand bell concert one of her friends was performing in. If you never been to one you really ought to check it out. Each member of the hand bell choir only carries 1 or 2 (possibly 4) notes and yet a good group can play very complex pieces with runs that go up and down the group. Imagine trying to sing in a choir where you were only responsible for a few notes but you had to coordinate with everyone around you as to when to sing them.

I was taking a class in computer animation at the time, and we were trying to come up with ideas for the two minute piece that would be our quarter’s final project. Long story short, we decided on a Fantasia like short involving hand bells. This project is still one of the things I am proudest of, not only because it gave me a chance to work with my wife on some of the musical aspects (she plays hand bells too), but because I also got to work with a great team of programmers and computer animators. My part in the final piece was more scripting than animation (translating the MIDI notes into instructions as to which bells should ring), but very satisfying when those runs finally worked.


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  1. Chuck Conover

    Now THAT is something to be proud of.

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