We Control The Vertical

I am spending the day off work with my wife today so we will delay our regularly scheduled programming until tomorrow. In the meantime please enjoy some recent (and not so recent) interesting posts from friends of this blog:

How To Be An Oneironaut – Learn how to explore your dreams with the lucid guidance of Brian D. Buckley.

What Is A Table – Or explore the precise definition of tables.

Narrative Structure: Breathe In, Breathe Out – A very intriguing way of looking at the flow of your story, graciously blogged about by The Happy Logophile

Making A Sandwich – A flash fiction response to Chuck Wendig’s prompts, from BJ Kerry. Liked the reveal about midway through.

100 Word Challenge “Hooked” – Buddhafulkat has been doing a number of these 100 word stories. This is one of my favorites.

See you tomorrow!


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4 responses to “We Control The Vertical

  1. buddhafulkat

    Thank you very much for the kind mention! I hope you and your wife enjoy your day off together =)

  2. Sweet link action! Much obliged, sir, much obliged.

    By the way, I feel silly for having to ask, but…what does the title of your post mean?

    • You’re welcome! As for the title, it’s from The Outer Limits. I meant it as a break to regularly scheduled programming (i.e. “Do not attempt to adjust your TV”).

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