Fractal Friday (Julia: c = -0.708108+0.266986i)

Today’s fractal is a Julia set image, a fractal generated on the complex plane like the Mandelbrot set, but one determined by an imaginary constant c. Today’s constant was selected at random from the 40,000 Julia set constants my Mandelbrot scanner has come up with so far. All images were generated using programs from Chapter 6 of Fractals: A Programmer’s Approach (most last night during MasterChef)!


During the selection of the gallery images I’d typically create about twenty images for each Julia constant, 23 for this post to get 7 final images.


There are 250 gallery images in the bundle (probably about 60 of which were created using this process, so think more than 1000 images, not including those featured in the main text).


You want to select coordinates that highlight the interesting features of the shape. Julia sets tend to be most interesting in the center, though this one also has a couple of good spirals. I also like to dive as deep as I can in a single section to show the fractal’s self similarity (the bundle videos really illustrate this method). You also want to choose colors that frame the features you think are the most pleasing.


But some of my favorite pictures are in black and white, though they can often be the hardest to tune precisely.


Here’s one of the spirals using the Boundary Scanning Method (Julia 4).


Some of these would make pretty decent watermarks eh?


Have a great weekend!

PS. If you like what you see and want to learn more, be sure to check out the fractal bundle at 🙂

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